Hey there. I'm Dan Morris (the Yeti) of Shark & Yeti Event Photography.
Thanks for clicking on the link. Let's see how we might be able to help each other out.
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Greg White (the Shark) and I founded Shark & Yeti Event Photography here in Seattle in 1998 and we have been photographing people and their events ever since. We are both tall (a skosh over 12' 9'' between us), good looking and talented.

Enough about me. What's your name? *

Hey, {{answer_18255053}}. Glad you're here. What got you exploring around the Shark and Yeti website today? *

Thanks! I always like to hear how people find me. Do you live or work around the Seattle area or elsewhere?

If elsewhere, where?
Great, thanks. And is it just you looking around today or do you represent a larger party? *

Great. It's nice to know who I'm talking to.

For me, it's really important that you get the most value and enjoyment when you book.

What do you find is the most important factor when choosing your photographer?

This will help figure out if we can meet each other's needs.

Thanks for that. 

If you are representing a company or a group today, what kind of photos are you looking for?

Pick as many as you like. Some are more descriptive of format, others are more about style.
(If you're an individual you can pick some too if you like)

Cool! Well, here is what I do (in addition to events). 

What sounds appealing? *

I believe in making you get the most value possible out of your investment in me. Is there a budget I should be respectful of? *

Lastly, do you want me to add you to my mailing list?

I send newsletters on the occasion about photos I enjoy, tips on how to look good, and rare business updates.
Thanks again, {{answer_18255053}}! If you have any questions feel free to email me at dan@fatyeti.com. 

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